AUTUMN PR is A Boutique luxury PR firm
specializing in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands


The key to success in public relations is solid press relations as well as working only with brands we firmly believe in. We have built a concrete network of editors and stylists that we work with daily that are excited to hear news from our brands. This day in age, there are so many brands out there that in order to stand out amongst them all, we pride ourselves in working with the best in their business.


From Fashion Week to press launches to intimate influencer gatherings, Autumn PR will manage your event details from start to finish. This full service PR agency has exceptional experience in event production, garnering targeted attendance, and event press coverage.


Be it a one time product launch; a six month press strategy; re-evaluating branding, press coverage goals, and more; Autumn PR provides consulting services for various client needs and projects.


What sets Autumn PR apart from other agencies is the ability to focus time and attention towards each clients needs in order to evaluate goals to produce effective PR strategies. Thru our tailored strategies and execution Autumn PR builds brand exposure to ultimately increase awareness and sales for our clients. 


With solid experience on the marketing side and working hand-in-hand with clients marketing teams, Autumn PR works directly with clients to ensure that PR strategies and goals are in line with marketing objectives in order to achieve a well-rounded and strategically focused brand message.


Autumn PR’s beauty and fashion buyer and distributor relationships allow us to assist in expanding distribution for clients. Our experience working with top retailers enables us to assist clients in deciphering appropriate launch platforms and partners for the long haul.


The ever-expanding realm of social networking communities and online media are a vital and necessary addition to any successful PR strategy. Our team is well-versed in today’s continual online evolution and works with clients to ensure optimum and targeted coverage.


Our non-invasive approach has allowed us to build strong influencer relationships for our clients that support our brands in an organic manner. From celebrities to local influencers, our sensitive approach to seeding has built and enhanced relationships for our brands.


Event sponsorships, designer collaborations, and charity partnerships are just a few of the examples of strategic and successful alignments Autumn PR has produced for our brands. The goals in partnerships is to forge relationships that will harmoniously mirror the image of the brand and effectively increase exposure.